Reviews of ‘The New Arrival’

Paul Magrs Book review from Life on Magrs

It was a real thrill that our first book review was by one of our favourite authors Paul Magrs author of The Brenda & Effie Mysteries. When we read it we cried.

“I thought this was a wonderful book – written in conjunction with the author’s daughter, a one-time student of mine and terrific writer, Amy Beeson. It’s a book told lucidly, matter-of-factly, and with a great deal of compassion. The past is evoked beautifully, I think – reminding us of the rather harsher living conditions of the era, and the feeling that Britain was only just ceasing to be some kind of latterday Victorian society…” Keep on reading on Paul’s blog Life on Magrs.

theladyBook review from The Lady

“A beautifully written and moving memoir of life as a trainee nurse in a struggling NHS hospital in 1970s Hackney. Beeson’s daily life and the colourful characters she met are superbly described, and we begin to understand how her most difficult experiences were also some of the most rewarding. Her selfless dedication brought hope to her patients and made a difference to their lives. A comforting and inspiring read.”mother and baby
Patricia Phillips


Mother & Baby  magazine

Hannah Fox at Mother & Baby thinks readers will enjoy our ‘poignant memoir’ of Sarah as a nurse in 70s London and say goodbye baby brain.




cover discover your history

Discover Your History  magazine

“Through Sarah’s recollections we not only learn about life for a young and determined nurse in 1970s, but also what it was like to live in a time that saw a failing government, strikes, increasing immigration and the struggle for women’s rights. It certainly offers a realistic yet at times humourous look into the past.”



Tguardianhe Guardian

‘A poignant memoir in which Beeson recalls her life as a new nurse, arriving at Hackney General Hospital in London’s East End in 1969, at the age of 17. Funny, warm and moving, it looks at the lives of the nurses and their patients. Will appeal to fans of “Call The Midwife” and other nostalgic autobiographies.’



5 Stars and blog review from Jaffareadstoo

Thrilled with 5 stars from Jo and Jaffa “An undeniable warmth pervades The New Arrival and Sarah writes with great conviction and real compassion for those in her nursing care. Her sharp and canny social observations really bring this era to life in a lively and informative way which neither patronises nor sensationalises the nursing profession but which gives huge insight into just what life was like for young nurses during this time. The book is populated with a rich array of characters; all based on real people whose lives intertwined and whose stories become deeply personal and immensely moving…” continue reading on Jaffareadstoo blog.