How do I make mornings go more smoothy?

Sarah Beeson in Prima Baby Magazine with some parenting advice on how mums can have smoother and happier mornings.

Nail their routine

“When children spend too long in their PJs they often won’t be willing to break off from what they’re doing. Get them washed and dressed and clean their teeth first thing. Use an apron to keep clothes clean while they have breakfast.”

Keep them on side

use narrative

“Pretend you’re a football commentator and narrate what’s going on”…”For example ‘Are those your shoes? Shall we put them on?'”

speak nicely

“Don’t order them around, try to be inclusive. Say ‘Let’s do this’ rather than ‘Do this now!’. And speak in a warm, friendly tone.”

give regular praise

“Always say ‘Well done’ if they eat their breakfast. Otherwise why will they bother in the future? If their behaviour is really awful, blame the behaviour, not the child. For example, say ‘Kicking is not acceptable behaviour'”

offer two choices

“Give two choices-both things that you’re happy with. For example, say “Do you want toast or porridge today?”

give yourself credit

“If it all goes a bit pear-shaped, don’t beat yourself up- it happens to everyone. Don’t focus on what’s gone wrong, just give yourself credit for everything you have managed to do. Remember that most of the time you’re doing a splendid job.”

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Sarah Beeson is a health visitor and author of Happy Baby, Happy Family. She writes with her daughter Mumpreneur and writer Amy Beeson. Sarah’s memoir of training to be a nurse in 1970s London The New Arrival is a heartwarming true story published by HarperCollins.

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