Friday 13th, Fashion Fiascos and Red Nose Day #MyKidsDressedMe

Friday 13 March is proving unlucky for some parents and carers across the UK but lucky for the millions of people Comic Relief help each year. So throw open your wardrobe doors and put a lock on the dressing up box and let the kids in your life pick your outfit for the day and join in with #MyKidsDressedMe. We had a trial run with this a few weeks ago with LO – like my outfit?

#mykidsdressedme tiara

Join in

Here’s how to join in the fun on Red Nose Day.

1. Let your kid dress you

2. Text FUNNY to 70011 to donate £1

3. Post your photo on Social Media using hashtag #MyKidsDressedMe and #HonkFromHome. Nominatee three friends to do it too and get your family and friends to Text FUNNY to 70011 to donate £1.

Here’s a very short video of me and LO explaining what to do.


The Mum Story Behind #MyKidsDressedMe

Pippa Best from Story of Mum was so inspired by Summer Bellessa who let her kid dress her everyday for a week, that Pippa let her 4-year-old daughter pick her outfit for the school run one Friday morning in February. I saw Pippa and commented and she challenged me to let LO dress me too. I accepted the challenge along with other mums and promised I’d go to Mums and Toddlers on Monday dressed by own 3-year-old.

Meanwhile after much hilarity and tweeting Pippa had connected with @EmmaFreud from Comic Relief that we should make this a Red Nose Day Fundraiser for parents everywhere and Ta-Dah! Check out some of the fabulous styling of the countries youngest fashionistas over at Story of Mum and add to the gallery.

On Friday I will post my latest ensemble from LO and I’ve challenged my husband @TakieWordz to join in too.

Tweet your photos to @RedNoseDay @StoryOfMum @TheBearRabbit @Amyibeeson

Amy Beeson is a writer and brand creative at Wordsby Communications. She is the co-author of The New Arrival: a heartwarming true story of a trainee nurse in 1970s London and Happy Baby, Happy Family: Learning to trust yourself and enjoy your baby.

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