First Stage Weaning Recipe Cards – How to Make Baby Pureé

Try this recipe from Mrs Beeson’s Family Cookbook. Suitable from 5+ months and lovely on its own or with a baby rice or cereal. 🥄 #weaning


If you make up a small bowl of pureé  (just a couple of teaspoons) and your baby yums it up, it looks like they may be ready to wean (check the weaning chapter in my book Happy Baby, Happy Family’). If they aren’t really interested but are showing other weaning signs, leave it a week or two before you try again.

How to Make Pureé For Your Weaning Baby

Watch Sarah’s Cooking Demonstration


  1. Chop up fruit or vegetables into small pieces.
  2. Gently stew in saucepan using only a little freshly drawn water so it is not too wet when pureéd.
  3. Mash with a fork or push the cooked fruit or vegetable through a plastic sterilised sieve into a sterilised bowl (do not add anything like salt, sugar or honey).

Try to only introduce a couple of new tastes a week to start with to give your baby the opportunity to discover each flavour.

More ideas – We’ve got a great choice of early weaning foods for you. See First Stage Weaning Vegetables, Fruits, Cereals & Pulses, Meal Planners and more Recipe Cards for a more little weaning inspiration.

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Find out more in Sarah’s books.

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