First Stage Weaning – Baby Rice & Cereal

Has your little one tried baby rice or cereal yet? Try this recipe from Mrs Beeson’s Family Cookbook. Suitable from 5+ months and lovely on its own or with a couple of teaspoons of fruit or vegetable pureé added in. 🥄 #weaning


How to Make Baby Rice Or Cereal

If you make up a small bowl of baby rice or any first stage baby cereal with some breast milk or formula and your baby yums it up, it looks like they may be ready to wean (check the weaning in my book ‘Happy Baby, Happy Family’). If they aren’t really interested but are showing other weaning signs, leave it a week or two before you try again.

1. Sterilise the bowl and weaning spoon (if they’re under six months).
2. Put 2 tsps of plain baby rice into a bowl.
3. Mix in 2 tsps of expressed breast milk or warmed formula milk and stir with a weaning spoon until it is a smooth paste.

You can also give your baby a little fruit or vegetable puree mixed in with the prepared baby rice or on its own.

You don’t want it to be too solid or runny, so you can always add a little more expressed breast milk, formula or cooled boiled water to make it the right consistency.


Bon Appétit!

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