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What to NOT say to pregnant women in an antenatal class on BBC 5 Live #mumtobe

Author Amy Beeson talks to Emma Barnett on BBC 5 Live about the perils of antenatal class etiquette #pregnancyproblems #pregnancy #mumtobe #EmmaBarnettShow

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When Should You Tell Your Children You're Getting Divorced?

Nearly all parents completely underestimate how much a child will blame themselves when their parents split up. Telling them it’s not their fault on a daily basis throughout the breakup and for a long time afterwards will help to reassure them advises author Sarah Beeson MBE in Red magazine.

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Happy Baby, Happy Family in Gurgle's Top 10 Best Pregnancy Books #mumtobe #newmum #pregnancy

Health Visitor Sarah Beeson condenses four decades of working wiht families into this extensive guide to trusting yourself and understanding your baby.

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How I can stop my two-year-old asking the same thing again and again? #parenting #toddler

Congratulations on having a wonderfully curious child. Children love to ask for information but they also love to ask questions repeatedly as it feels familiar and secure like repeating a favourite nursery rhyme...

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What do pregnant women really want to talk about? #pregnancy #BBC5Live #mumtobe #EmmaBarnettShow #pregnancyproblems

Pregnancy talk - sickness, sex and haemorrhoids with Author Sarah Beeson MBE, Presenter Emma Barnett and Poet Hollie McNish on BBC Radio 5 Live. #pregnancyproblems #mumtobe #EmmaBarnettShow

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